How to add a mask to the Elementor form [FREE]

How to add a mask to the Elementor form [PLUGIN FREE]

Form Masks for Elementor create a custom control in field advanced tab for your customize your fields with masks. This plugin require the Elementor Pro (Form Widget). The masks function with filed types ‘text’ and ‘tel’. Add a mask to the Elementor form Just download the plugin in the WordPress directory and install it on […]

How to center Tabs on Elementor

How to center the Tabs on the Elementor

Did you ever need to use the Elementor tabs widget (or Tabs), and needed to center the tabs, but did not find these options in the widget? (unfortunately this option does not even exist in the Widget). Yeah, you’re not the only one. I have received this doubts on social networks and through our consultancy. […]